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A keyboard shortcut is a useful combination of keys that will perform a task that could otherwise take several clicks.

You should use and familiarize yourself with keyboard shortcuts to make everything you do on your computer easier. The long list of available shortcuts can be overwhelming. Here we have compiled 5 Keyboard Shortcuts to Boost Productivity.

1. CTRL – Z (Undo)

Or as I like to call it, the “Please tell me I didn’t just do that” – button.

Holding down either CTRL on your keyboard and pressing Z “undos” the last action you performed. This is the equivalent of clicking the undo button in Office programs. CTRL-Z works in almost every program on your computer, including web browsers and in your email. You should always save your work, but undo can be a lifesaving shortcut if you make a big mistake.

2. Alt-Tab (Window Switcher)

If you are anything like me, you probably have at least 10 windows open on your desktop at anytime.

Instead of clicking madly to find the one you need, press the Tab key while holding down the Alt key. This keyboard shortcut will display the Windows Switch. With alt still held down, continue to tap the tab button to cycle through your open windows and select the one you need. Release the alt key, and the window you selected will be brought to the front.

You can also use Windows Key + Tab to produce a much fancier looking, but no more useful, version of the window switcher.

3. CTRL – X,C,V (Cut, Copy, Paste)

Three for one, CTRL-X, CTRL-C, are CTRL-V are cut, copy, and paste, respectively.

They perform the same actions as their right-click counterparts when you have items highlighted and are much, much faster and more efficient. These are the cream of the crop for keyboard shortcuts, and mastering them will greatly reduce your time spent on mundane tasks.

4. Alt-F4 (Close Active Window)

Also known as the panic button. Pressing Alt and F4 together in windows will close your currently active window. It functions the same as clicking “X” and will still be stopped by prompts such as unsaved work or multiple tabs.

5. Windows Key + L (Lock Computer)

If you work around other people, your computer should be locked 100% of the time you aren’t in front if it.

Pressing the Windows key and L together is the best way to lock your PC, no questions asked. It might not increase your productivity, but this keyboard shortcut will certainly make getting away from your computer faster and easier.

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